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The FDA-approved Coolsculpting procedure is a non-surgical method that can reduce fat and sculpt the body. It’s quickly becoming a popular choice due to its non-invasive nature and how it’s permanent.

The procedure is carried out through a process known as cryolipolysis, which involves using cold temperatures to break down fat deposits.

Scientists discovered during the 1970s that fat cells are more prone to cold injury than their surrounding tissue. Through this process, which involves killing the fat cells, the body can remove them naturally.

The FDA approved Coolsculpting in 2010 after conducting several clinical trials that confirmed its safety. In these studies, the procedure reduced fat by up to 20%.


The Process

The procedure is performed using a vacuum device that’s designed to freeze and permanently remove fat cells. After the treatment, the fat cells are sent to the lymphatic system for elimination.


The Coolsculpting procedure is usually performed at a medical spa or clinic. It’s simple and doesn’t require downtime.


Unfortunately, individuals with certain conditions, such as cold urticaria and agglutinin disease, should not undergo the procedure.


If you have these conditions, inform your practitioner about them. You should also tell them if you have other conditions, such as anxiety or chronic pain.


Where Coolsculpting Can Be Used



Among the most common areas where Coolsculpting can be performed is the thighs. This is mainly done for women. The providers use varying devices for the outer and inner thighs due to the variable amount of fat that can be removed.



As people get older, they start to struggle with their belly fat. Usually, they can achieve desired results within two or three treatment sessions.


Love Handles

Love handles are the opposite of what people usually feel about their fat. With a Coolsculpting treatment, they can reduce the size of their flanks and improve their ability to fit into smaller pants.


Bra Fat

The bra area is one of the most common areas where people struggle with fat. Due to the lack of targeted exercises, it’s hard for people to remove fat from this region. With a Coolsculpting procedure, they can permanently remove this fat.


Back Fat

Coolsculpting can also be used to remove fat from the lower and middle back and other areas of the body. It helps people get into tighter clothes.


Under the Jaw or Chin

One of the most popular procedures for shaping the jaw is CoolSculpting. This treatment can help people achieve a more youthful appearance.


Most men seek CoolSculpting to get rid of the fat accumulated under the chin, also called a double chin. After one or two treatments, the result is a tighter and more defined neck.


Treatment Steps

Before you undergo the procedure, you must consult your doctor. This will allow them to provide you with the necessary information about the process.


After receiving your approval, your doctor will use a skin-colored pencil to mark the areas that will be treated during the procedure. You can choose to have one or multiple treatments for a single location.


The practitioner will then apply a gel pad over the treatment area. This will act as a barrier between your skin and the cooling device.


The cooling device will then be used to numb the area. The patient will feel a cold sensation as the device is used. After around five minutes, the site will feel numb.


After the procedure, many CoolSculpting practitioners will also provide a post-treatment massage to help promote a deeper fat reduction. Studies have shown that this type of massage can help enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.


Depending on the size of the area that will be treated, the procedure can last for up to one hour.



The FDA-approved CoolSculpting procedure is safe and effective for adults if administered by a medical professional with extensive experience with the device.


The practitioner controls the device’s temperature to ensure it doesn’t damage the surrounding tissues and the skin.



The initial results of the CoolSculpting treatment can be seen within a couple of days. The total effect of the procedure, which involves eliminating fat cells, appears in about six months.


After one treatment, a patient can expect to see a reduction of around 20% in fat. After that, they can undergo additional treatments to achieve further fat reduction.


The CoolSculpting treatment is ideal for individuals who want to reduce fat deposits. It can be performed in various areas and is considered an alternative to surgical procedures for removing fat.