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Technology continues to advance and change in new ways, bringing incredible new use cases to many industries. The healthcare industry, especially, has seen innovative new technologies in recent years that are changing the way patients receive care. Moving into 2023, these are some of the trends we expect to see in healthcare technology.


Innovative Applications for AI

Artificial intelligence is rapidly being implemented in nearly every area of people’s lives, and healthcare is no different. As AI technology continues to improve, healthcare professionals are finding new innovative ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency. AI can improve machine learning processes for BioPharma and Medtech applications, while robotics are starting to expand to applications for hospital workflow. This is expected to continue to evolve throughout 2023.



Telemedicine evolved out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic but has continued to have excellent applications for many patients. While it will always have its limitations, it has been widely embraced by patients with chronic conditions who need frequent check-ins but might be more susceptible to picking up dangerous infections at a physical practice. Telemedicine will continue to expand, increasing access to care for many minor conditions.


Data Security

Data security is of utmost concern for healthcare technology companies as more data goes digital. For medical practices to feel comfortable adopting new digital technologies, they need to be confident that patient data will be secure and confidential. Data security measures will continue to expand, utilizing technology like blockchain to give providers and patients peace of mind about sensitive data.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Especially since many healthcare facilities are still dealing with staffing shortages, remote patient monitoring technology is expected to be widely adopted. Rather than having to admit patients for routine monitoring, they may be able to be sent home with monitors that nurses can track from the hospital if they are not in critical condition, freeing up beds while still ensuring any concerning patterns are flagged. Additionally, it can help nurses track vitals and other data without stopping into patients’ rooms periodically, allowing them to stay focused on the most critical cases.


These are just a few technology trends expected in the healthcare industry in 2023. Many other groundbreaking things are in the works, so stay up-to-date with the latest news for exciting new developments.